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Welledia Wellspring Ultrasonic Ceramic Wooden Aroma Diffuser


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Enter the world of Aromatherapy the way it was meant to be, with the Wellspring Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser you will get the full experience of the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils, utilizing real-time atomization technology, the Diffuser uses Ultrasonic Technology with 2.4 million ultrasonic vibrations per second to break up the blending of essential oil and water into mist of micro-particles and disperse them into the air, creating an ultra-fine mist output of 1.3 microns for maximum diffusion of essential oils that quickly fills a room, no heating or burning means the properties of the oil are not broken down.

The diffuser silently purifies and humidifies the air, it will activate your senses to soothe and invigorate your mind and spirit. You can now fully enjoy the ionizing and humidifying effect of the water and essential oil vapor.The Wellspring Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser features a large reservoir and multiple settings, allowing you to customize the diffusion of essential oils, for up to 3 hours. Small and compact, the Wellspring Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser silently purifies and humidifies the air and has an optional night light, making it perfect for night time use and for traveling.

  • Product Dimensions 90 x 90 x 232mm / 3.5″ x 3.5″x 9″
  • Product Weight about 560g / 20 Oz
  • Suitable Area /Coverage 10-15 Sq Meters
  • Made from gorgeous Acacia hardwood.
  • Known for its rich, dark colors and beautiful, contrasting patterns.
  • One of the special characteristics of Acacia wood is an unusual property known as ‘chatoyancy’ – appearing to change color and luster in different lighting conditions as if to shimmer.

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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 in


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