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Royal Griddle and Grill Cleaning Screens GS508 (8-Pack)


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Griddle Screens are an ideal choice for cleaning up the expensive flat topped griddles and hot grills in the most convenient and hassle-free manner. They are able to clean through almost any stain with ease.


  • 8x Screens Per Package
  • PRE-TREATED! These griddle screen are pre-treated with aluminum oxide, a natural abrasive. Remove tough stains and stuck on foods with the use of a grill pad.
  • EASY, NO-CLOG RINSING! Atop a solid abrasive is a premium quality rayon mesh screen. The screen allows for easy rinsing without clogging.
  • CAN BE USED WITH ALMOST ANY SURFACE! These griddle screens are perfect to use with most grill tops and griddles. Easily and effectively remove food particles and tough staining with the help of a griddle screen. (Where scratching is a concern, a small area should be tested prior to use.)
  • FOR BEST RESULTS, use with an abrasive pad and holder. Used together, they can clean the grill even more effectively and safely. The use of a holder helps to prevent accidental burns to employees’ hands. Improve employee safety!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY RESTAURANT! This item is a must have item for any restaurant that uses a grill or griddle to cook their foods. Using this product will help to create a sanitary dining experience for your customers by cooking meals on a clean grilling surface.


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